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News and Press Releases

Please click on the following links to read Aabalat's archive of news postings and press releases.

7, June, 2011 - French Wine Basics: New to French wine? If you are considering buying a bottle, maybe for a party, special occasion or just to expand your personal repertoire, here is a super condensed abstract of French wine basics to help you maneuver through your myriad of choices.

30 March, 2011 - 10 Tips on Buying An Anniversary Wine: Wine can be a special indulgence when celebrating a special occasion. So if you have an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, the start of a job or any other memorable date to commemorate, you might consider buying a bottle from that special year. But before you do, we have some tips for you on buying a bottle that will be just as special as the date you are honoring. (Full Text of Article)

20 March, 2011 - Proper Wine Storage Will Yield Years of Wine Enjoyment: Proper wine storage is key to preserving the characteristics of fine, aged wines. Here is a list of guidelines that will help you identify the best possible conditions under which to store your wine for both short and long terms. (Full Text of Article)

4 July, 2010 PR - Aabalat Upgrades Wine Storage Services: Aabalat has offered wine storage for the past 15 years, but this month they have increased focus on their storage services and launched a simple full-service offering that individual collectors are sure to appreciate. (Full Text of Article)

24, June, 2010 - How the History of Wine Investing Affects US Buyers: Though centuries old, wine investing has not permeated US investing practices. The legacy of prohibition and historical availability and confusion around French wine has stalled adoption by US consumers. By considering global advancements in the wine world, and especially the UK, US investors are prime for adding wine to their diversified portfolios. (Full Text of Article)

3, July, 2009 - A Glass of Wine A Day Keeps The Doctor Away: Drinking wine daily offers significant health benefits. Learn more about the advantages and how to best preserve wine when less than a bottle is consumed.  (Click here to view a PDF version.) (Full Text of Article)

11 May, 2009 PR - Great Source For Buying Old Wine Vintages: Wine can add romance and nostalgia to any occasion, but finding high quality old vintages can be tricky. Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, columnists for the Wall Street Journal's (WSJ) Tastings section, discussed this very point in their article entitled "Rails, Romance and Really Good Wine" in the May 2, 2009 edition. Aabalat, who was mentioned in the article as a reputable vendor for old and rare vintages, has some tips for finding the best bottle for your occasion.  (Click here to view a PDF version.) (Full Text of Article)

2 May, 2009 - WSJ Article "Rails, Romance and Really Good Wine": Aabalat is named as a reputable retailer for purchasing old and rare wine vintages. (Full Text of Article)

6 March, 2009 - Investment-Grade Wine Prices Favorable for Investors: Aabalat authors an article for the LoveToWine community. (Full Text of Article)

10 February, 2009 PR- Aabalat Selling Investment-Grade Wines at Lowest Prices Ever: A bi-product of the current economy, wine prices have dropped to levels that are surprising investors and wine enthusiasts alike. AABALAT, who frequently sells investment-grade wines, has witnessed the prices drop approximately 25%. Yet sales volume has not increased, causing AABALAT to believe that a sharp rise in sales when the economy begins to rebound is inevitable. (Full Text of Article)

13 August, 2008 PR - Aabalat Undergoes Facelift: New Website, Management Changes, More Inventory: A major website refresh, management changes, and a broader inventory are just a few of the facelift aspects AABALAT Fine & Rare Wines has undergone since February 2008. (Full Text of Article)

9 June, 2008 PR - Aabalat Attends "Foster A Dream" Event in Oakland: In addition to their attendance at the Foster A Dream Gala, AABALAT donated a 1978 bottle of Napa Valley Cab from their inventory. (Full Text of Article)

29 Apr, 2008 PR - Aabalat Sales of 2005 Bordeaux Labels Surges: Desirable weather conditions, high industry ratings, and a mature supply chain have all contributed to AABALAT Fine & Rare Wines recent surge in 2005 Bordeaux wine sales. (Full Text of Article)