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Aabalat's Wine Investment Policy

While we do our best to provide wines, storage and resources to our clients, there are specific services we cannot provide.


Outside Our Expertise

  • We do not give financial/investment advice, as that can only legally be given by a certified professional ( e.g. CFA - Certified Financial Advisor)
  • We do not offer guarantees on the monetary appreciation potential of a particular wine

Advice We Happily Offer

  • We do advise on quality of wine, its potential longevity and its suitability for inclusion in a cellar
  • We can offer solid advice on current valuations of particular wines or vintages, since our opinion can be supported by evidence of recent transactions and offer prices
  • We can offer our opinion, based purely on our extensive experience and on demonstrable market history, on whether a particular wine will appreciate in value over a period of time, stressing that many factors can influence the price in that time, for good or bad