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2004 DRC La Tache Rouge
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vintage: 2004
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Rating:  96
Quantity: Currently out of stock.
Price: $2,126.95
Currently out of stock.

2004 DRC La Tache Rouge
This too is sublime in its subtlety and grace with ineffably pure aromas and it strikes a balance between the opulence of the RSV and the restraint of the GE with an expressive yet ultra fine nose of rose petals, violets and seductive spice notes that introduce unbelievably refined flavors that seem crafted from silk and lace, culminating in a linear, mouth coating finish that detonates like a bomb and lasts and lasts. At present, this is taut and precise with the lithe muscularity of a world class gymnast yet it is not lean or unduly tight as there is a generosity to the mid-palate that serves to buffer the underlying tannic spine that will permit this to age for decades. This is clearly a great wine and I wouldn't be surprised at all if my rating went up simply because I expect that this will put on weight with age. BH