2006 Kistler Chadonnay Vine Hill Vineyard Sonoma-new case/RP -93-96 Pts.

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6/3/12 11:45P EST
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quantity: 11 lots of 1 bottle  each
ships to: See Description
ships from: At the beach in LA
seller level: Platinum Leader!
lot: #17481702
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seller: pandp (2802)
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2006 Kistler Chadonnay Vine Hill Vineyard Sonoma-n

2006 Kistler Chadonnay Vine Hill Vineyard Sonoma-new case/RP -93-96 Pts.

Seller Will Ship To: See Description
Size of Bottles in this Lot: 750
Number of Bottles in lot: 1
Bottle Fill Level: New Bottle
Bottle Label Condition: New Bottle
Shipping Policy: Buyer Pays
Payment Methods Accepted: Money Order, Personal Check, Paypal (Credit Cards), Paypal (eChecks)

I only sell wines that have been well stored and which I believe to be sound and in good condition. Buyers represent they are over the age of 21. Buyer assumes title in CA when payment is made and all risks of loss or damage thereafter are solely that of buyer. Buyer s choice of shipping when using your account number for billing purposes (this is seller's preference). Buyer is strongly encouraged to utilize expedited shipping (non-ground) for wines going out of CA to ensure their integrity and safety. Buyer is responsible for cost of styrofoam shipper used to transport wine(s). Buyer represents that shipping wine to their jurisdiction is legal and in compliance with all applicable laws. Buyer represents that they will be responsible for any applicable taxes or fees associated with the purchase and shipping of their lots. Buyer must pay within 5 DAYS of lot closing or sale is voidable at seller's election without advance notice to buyer. If you Bid on any lot(s) you are agreeing to these terms and conditions of sale. Thank you and check out my other lots. Feel free to E-mail me any questions to PandP424@aol.com. Please expect your wines to ship 14-21 days after your check has been deposited and clears my account, or within 10 working days of making a paypal payment. INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS-only with buyer supplying their account number and making all arrangements for shipping. COSTS OF BOXES/STYROFOAM---FOR 1 BOTTLE $4, 2 BOTTLES FOR $6, 3 BOTTLES FOR $8, 4-6 BOTTLES $10 7-12 BOTTLES $17. PLEASE NOTE, NO FEDEX GROUND SHIPPING ACCEPTED, UNLESS BUYER PAYS THE $11 FEE CHARGED BY FEDEX TO PICK UP. Wine delivered to or picked up in California subject to LA County sales tax of 8.25%. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX SHIPPING ISSUES: PLEASE READ IF YOU GIVE AN ADDRESS FOR SHIPPING WHERE THERE IS NO PERSON TO SIGN FOR THE SHIPMENT, IT WILL BE LEFT ON THE PORCH/DOORWAY OR OTHER VISIBLE LOCATION BY UPS. YOU MUST ENSURE THERE IS SOMEBODY TO SIGN FOR AND ACCEPT THE PACKAGE WHEN IT IS DELIVERED UNLESS THIS IS ACCEPTABLE TO YOU. ONCE THE PACKAGE IS PICKED UP BY UPS OR FEDEX, THE BUYER MUST MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR SOMEONE TO RECEIVE THE PACKAGE AT ITS DESTINATION.

2006 Kistler Chadonnay Vine Hill Vineyard Sonoma-new case/RP -93-96 Pts.


Payment & shipping details

2006 Kistler Chadonnay Vine Hill Vineyard Sonoma-new case/RP -93-96 Pts.

Shipping cost: --
Insurance: --
Payment instructions: Add 3% for paypal payment to : pandp424@aol.com. Payment is due within 72 hours of lot's closing.
PAYPAL--In order to make a paypal payment log directly into your paypal account, the WC check out system is disabled for security purposes and its not p


2006 Kistler Chadonnay Vine Hill Vineyard Sonoma-new case/RP -93-96 Pts.

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