2000 Pahlmeyer Winery Jayson Napa lid.

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7/6/12 10:00P EST
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ships from: SAN DIEGO California 92107
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seller: mrrauch (13432)
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2000 Pahlmeyer Winery Jayson Napa

2000 Pahlmeyer Winery Jayson Napa

Seller Will Ship To: See Description
Size of Bottles in this Lot: 750
Number of Bottles in lot: 1
Bottle Fill Level: New Bottle
Bottle Label Condition: New Bottle
Shipping Policy: Buyer Pays
Payment Methods Accepted: Money Order, Personal Check, Visa, Master Card, Paypal (eChecks)

I will hold the wine through the summer at no extra cost

2000 Pahlmeyer Winery Jayson Napa


Payment & shipping details

2000 Pahlmeyer Winery Jayson Napa

Shipping cost: --
Insurance: --
Payment instructions: Paypal is o.k. for now at my partner's e-mail address of markdubiel@yahoo.com and I do take cards direct at 619-876-0466


2000 Pahlmeyer Winery Jayson Napa

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