2003 Reignac Bordeaux BlendWA:90-91

status: CLOSED
current: US$13.00 - No Reserve!
time past closing: 1192 days, 15 hours
13 minutes
8/19/12 8:05P EST
high bidder: RobinHoodVIII (29)
Carrera S Cab (1382)
# of bids: 5 bid history
quantity: 5 lots of 1 bottle  each
ships to: United States Only
ships from: Oakland, California
seller level: Platinum Leader!
lot: #17495624
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Lot Closed

seller: JJBuckley (127280)
99.11% positive feedback
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2003 Reignac Bordeaux BlendWA:90-91

Bid History for 2003 Reignac Bordeaux BlendWA:90-91
Bidder Initial Bid Last Bid Bid Win
Bidder #1 (382) 8/11/12 1:15 A 8/11/12 1:15 A $1.00 0
Bidder #2 (2231) 8/13/12 12:24 P 8/14/12 9:13 A $8.60 0
Bidder #3 (1382) 8/12/12 11:39 A 8/12/12 11:38 A $13.00 4
Bidder #4 (29) 8/17/12 7:54 A 8/17/12 7:53 A $14.00 1

2003 Reignac Bordeaux BlendWA:90-91

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2003 Reignac Bordeaux BlendWA:90-91

If you're the seller or the high bidder - now what?

1. Contact each other. The seller (JJBuckley) and the high bidder (RobinHoodVIII) should contact each other within three business days to discuss payment and shipping details.

2. Leave feedback for the other party once the the seller has received the payment and the winning bidder has received the item.
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If the seller is unable to establish contact with the high bidder within 3 business days of the end of the auction, he/she may lose the place as winning bidder, and be at risk for receiving negative feedback which can ultimately lead to suspension from WineCommune.

2003 Reignac Bordeaux BlendWA:90-91

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