WineCommune uses a three part system to ensure your safety when you buy or sell wine

1. Each WineCommune user must verify their identity with us
  First, we ask each user to verify their identity.

We do this by requiring each registered user to provide a credit card in their name where the address registered to the credit card is the same as the address the user registered with WineCommune. Without charging the credit card, we then use a address verification system to ensure the card and address are valid.

By verifying each users identity in this manner we can ensure people cannot easily sell fake lots without being accountable.

Click here to verify your identity (it's quick and free) or check another users verification status.
2. Users are rated for each transaction they complete on WineCommune
  Second, each user receives feedback from the users they have transacted business with on WineCommune.

Next to any WineCommune member's User ID, there is a Feedback Rating number in parentheses ( ). For example: wine123 (40) means that this member's User ID is wine123 and he/she has received a net of 40 positive feedback comments from other WineCommune members.

The Feedback Rating system is easy. A user receives 1 point for each positive comment, 0 points for each neutral comment, and -1 point for each negative comment.

By checking a users feedback, you can see if other users were satisfied with their transaction with the user or whether it is better to avoid doing business with the user.

Click here to review a user's feedback profile
3. Questions?
  Third - Still have questions or concerns about using WineCommune or about a particular lot or user? No problem, contact us.
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