Looking for a specific bottle? Post a Wine Request and have WineCommune's prequalified sellers compete to sell you the wine!

Click here to enter WineCommune Broker Services.

Buying is 100% free on WineCommune.com. To start buying or bidding, you'll first need to register at no charge as an WineCommune.com member. Then let the fun begin!

If you are looking for a particular wine that may not be listed for auction on WineCommune, you can post a wine request through WineCommune’s new Broker Services and watch as sellers compete for your business. Here's what to do:

  1. Once you register, go to WineCommune Broker Services to place your wine request. Select the Post a wine request link to post your request.

  2. Fill out all the information regarding the wine you want to buy. Be sure to include a detailed description of the wine you want and any other conditions of your purchase including turnaround time, number of bottles, etc.

  3. Carefully look over what you have entered. Click the ‘Post Request’ button and that’s it! Your wine request will be sent!

  4. Your request will immediately be posted for review by WineCommune's prequalified sellers.

  5. Sellers will review your request and if they have the wine you are looking for, will post offers that match your inquiry. Each offer will include information about the wine they have available, the quantity, and the price for which they are prepared to sell the wine.

  6. Going, going, gone! You can then review the offers each seller posts. Then, to accept an offer, select ‘Accept Offer’ on the lot page. To reject an offer, simply select the ‘Reject’ button and you will automatically decline the offer posted.

  7. Once you accept an offer, the seller will be given your contact information and will contact you to complete the transaction.

If at any time you need help with a request, please feel free to contact us with your questions at contact@winecommune.com, or fill out our request for help and a WineCommune representative will get back to you with assistance.

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