- Platinum Seller Program

Platinum Sellers Program

Buy with confidence from WineCommune Platinum Sellers and Platinum Leaders. The Platinum program recognizes these sellers for providing superior products with superior customer service. Top sellers are first recognized for their distinction by being classified Platinum Sellers. Platinum Sellers who establish a superior level of service and sales volume are elevated to the level of Platinum Leader!

WineCommune insures a bid on a lot offered for sale by a Platinum Seller for up to $600 - Double the standard insurance. Click here for more details.

WineCommune insures a bid on a lot offered for sale by a Platinum Leader for up to $1000 - More than triple the standard insurance! Click here for more details.

WineCommune's Platinum Sellers Program was designed to reward WineCommune members who are the best trading partners on WineCommune. Platinum Sellers are selected based on a subjective criteria which evaluates a seller's volume, type of transaction, feedback, and client satisfaction.

As a Platinum Sellers member, you will enjoy top-level benefits and privileges designed to make selling through WineCommune easier and more profitable.

Description of Benefits:

  • A Platinum Seller's lots are covered by double the amount of insurance - $600!

  • A Platinum Leader's lots are covered by $1000 worth of insurance!

  • Platinum Sellers Logo: Distinguishes you as a Platinum Seller on WineCommune.

  • Dedicated email Customer Support.

  • Advance notice of the latest WineCommune events.

Platinum Sellers maintain a certain amount of business on WineCommune, provide a satisfaction guarantee policy to their customers, and uphold the core community values of WineCommune.

Platinum Sellers must keep their WineCommune accounts in good standing by paying all fees to WineCommune on time.

WineCommune sends email invitations to qualified members on a monthly basis.

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