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Questions about buying on WineCommune
Is it legal to ship wine into a particular state?
WineCommune Wine Sales has been rebranded as JJ Buckley Fine Wines
What fees are there to use WineCommune?
What is a dutch auction?
How can I contact another user?
Can I search past or closed auction results?
What is not allowed to be listed (sold) on WineCommune??
What is a reserve price?
How can I pay my fees?
What are Partner Retailers and How Can I Join?
What is feedback?
Do I have to provide my credit card information to use WineCommune?
How can I avoid fraud on WineCommune?
How do i determine the value (appraisal) of my wine?
Doesn't the Supreme Court ruling make it legal to ship wine anywhere?
Another user gave me negative feedback that I did not deserve - how can I have it removed?
What are the shipping fees?
What does OWC mean?
How can I request a copy of another user's contact information?
What is the difference between a reserve price and an opening bid?
I bid and won but how do I pay for the wine and receive it?
Do I have to provide my credit card to make a Wines Wanted request?
What do I do after the close of an auction?
How can I review recent selling prices for a wine?
What is MAX BIDDING (Proxy Bidding) and how do I use it?
What is a Wines Wanted auction?
Why is the number of bids 5 but there are only 2 bidders?
What is a Platinum Seller and how do I become one?
How can I remove, delete or cancel a bid I placed?
Why are auctioneers allowed to post for outside their own lot?
Why does a lot stay open pasted its closing time?
How do I file a claim with WineCommune against a non shipping seller?
How do I Hide/unhide my lots I have bid on?
How can I make an after auction offer to a seller?
How do I search for closed auctions?
Why are Buy It!'s subject to previously placed maxbids?
How do I bid on an auction?
Can I raise my bid or max bid?
How can I track a lot's progress without bidding on it?
How can I see all lots by a seller?
When will you raise my maximum bid?
When will WineCommune auctions start again?
Every time I bid on a lot, I am told that I am not the winning bidder and the next bid is higher. What is going on?
Is it possible to increase bids by an amount less than the increment?
How can I raise my bid or quantity on a dutch auction?
Who wins if there is a tie bid?

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