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Protect Yourself From Fraud and Help Keep WineCommune Fraud Free!

Protect yourself from fraud by looking out for suspicious activity on WineCommune. WineCommune works hard to keep fraudulent sellers from posting lots on WineCommune, but your vigilence is required to ensure WineCommune stays fraud free.

Indicators of Fraud

The following factors, alone or in conjunction with others, may indicate a lot is fraudulent:

  • Beware emails purporting to be from WineCommune personnel or customer service that validate an unusual payment form or encourage you to do business with someone who has been banned from WineCommune. Please contact us to confirm these emails. Email is generally not ID verified and malicious people can fake emails.
  • Always check a sellers feedback. The more transactions with positive feedbacks, the better the seller. If a seller has few transactions or has negative feedbacks be wary.
  • If a sellers has fewer than 10 positive feedbacks the city, state and zipcode that they registered with will be posted on the lot form. If the seller asks you to send payment to an address that does not match that city, state and zip, you should ask for an explaination.
  • Look for changes in the seller's behavior - have they recently starting selling again after selling nothing for a year? have the lots they are selling dramatically increased in quantity or value?
  • Avoid paying by wire transfer for lots offered by sellers with no or few feedbacks. If you can, pay by credit card because many cards offer insurance or reimbursement for transactions over $50.
  • Lots that are too good to be true often are. Be wary when the price is far below a wine's average price.
  • Check out the Federal Trade Commission's practical tips to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information at
  • Questions or unsure about a particular lot or seller? Contact Us!

Current Known Scams

1. Seller requests payment via Western Union or MoneyGram:

  • Seller often claims that an MTCN or confirmation code is needed before he can withdraw your money - this is false, once you've wired money, it is gone.
  • Wired money can be picked up at any location, no matter what you tell the company sending the money.
  • Common countries currently include: Romania, Ukraine, Spain, UK, Italy, but could be from anywhere.
  • Deal often seems too good to be true

2. Buyer offers to send you a cashier's check that is not drawn on a bank you have heard of:

  • The cashier's check is fake.
  • Scammer often asks for your name, address, etc for printing on the fake check.
  • Deal often seems too good to be true.
  • Take the check to your bank and see if they will honor it before you ship.
  • Your bank may cash the check initially, but then hold you responsible when they determine the check is fake.

3. Seller suggests use of an online escrow service.

  • Most online escrow sites are FRAUDULENT, operated by scammers.
  • For more info, do a google search on "fake escrow" or "escrow fraud".
  • If you must do business through an escrow service, insist on a legitimate service, such as
  • For more info, do a google search on "fake escrow" or "escrow fraud"

4. Seller asks for a partial payment upfront, after which he will ship goods.

  • He says he trusts you with the partial payment.
  • He may say he has already shipped the goods.
  • Deal often sounds too good to be true.

5. Buyer writes you a check for too much money and asks you to refund the difference.

  • The check (even if it is a money order/cashiers check) is probably not valid.
  • Your bank will hold you responsible when the check bounces.
  • He says he trusts you with the excess funds.

Contact Us

Still unsure? Contact us! We will be happy to review an auction to ensure it is legitimate.

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